Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Followup: Sacrifice

What's funny is that I wrote that, then shortly thereafter, got stuck for an extra long time commuting home in the Thanksgiving traffic. Long enough to listen to an hour of a podcast I haven't checked in on in months. It's by Ariel on the Law of Compensation (it's available in iTunes as part of The Druidic Craft of the Wise series). I like him as a perspective that augments the bulk of my traditional witchcraft learnings and listenings. Good mental exercises, good critical thinking and an emphasis on learning for yourself directly from Spirit.

Anyway... It was all about the give and take in relationships with the divine, namely a dedication to giving sacrifices joyfully and practicing a period of giving regular, small sacrifices in conjunction with small magic workings. It could be a tithe of money to do good in the world, giving up time, letting go of a favorite excuse that holds you back... all kinds of things. This sounds like a much more reasonable learning approach than scattering whiskey and blood all over the place in an effort to ramp things up.

Gotta love it when the answer drops right into your lap right after you ask the question.

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