Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lughnassah Signs and Symbols

If something happens in conjunction with a ritual or a working or some life thing, I generally know how to interpret it. Like we were considering buying a foreclosed home that perfectly met every last one of the criterion we had around a house - 3 blocks from campus on 2/3 acre with lots of room, an interesting floorplan, and killer long-term rental potential. But it had nasty, expensive issues that were being candy-coated, and I could just tell that the house knew me for what I was and wanted us strongly enough to be casting a sort of glamour (a witch's house if ever there had been one). We went to see it with our realtor a second time, and in the back yard, a huge doe had gotten in and was to panicky to find her way back out, even though it was easy and obvious. She got still and locked eyes with me for a long minute, and I just KNEW we needed to walk away. Deer are important to me, and while they mean different things, I know what's being communicated when one shows up.

Now, back to the most recent holiday on the calendar, when this happened:

The hand-blown glass candlesticks I took forever to find exploded in the middle of the night without making a sound, even though there was glass shattered all over the altar and the cement floor beneath. I was awake because Bo dog was going nuts in the special way he does when spirits other than the usual ones are in the house. His bark is even different and clear in its communication for nice vs. not nice spirits. Somehow, this never wakes up the man o' the house, who wakes up for things like dog farts. (no kidding)

I'm sure the physics of heat have something to do with it. But it was a weird night. The kind where something's definitely going on, but it's not bad or malicious. Just kind of foreign in how it feels. I accidentally rested my hand on the glowing ember of incense - which hurt at the time - but left no mark. The usual animals weren't outside, but instead a huge, fat, gorgeous toad was waiting for me. And then two saucer-sized pieces of glass broke and fell about three feet onto the cement floor without making a sound. I don't know how to read the signs. I don't know what to make of these things. Perhaps I harvested a sign that I have been heard...

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