Monday, January 16, 2012

Gradually, some magic rang out

NY, NY Prompt: What am I doing to further my goals with magic?

What am I doing, exactly? I'm doing some magic stuff, but it sure doesn't feel like I'm doing much or making much headway with it. I'm doing a lot better with small daily practices that go beyond manipulating slow drivers out of the fast lane. Meditation. Simple offerings that get done instead of elaborate ones that get put off far too often. It's been a rough, busy couple of weeks on most fronts, but I've handled it better than I usually do. Feels like I'm trudging through molasses, though.

It wasn't a week for grand flourishes or glorious rituals. Oh, no. It's the week I waded into my catch-up lessons for my Strategic Sorcery course. A lot of things started clicking and coming together, things buried all through my mind, half-gestated, and they began to form something bigger and with a shape I can almost make out. I've had some serious thinking to do. You chew on something for a long time, then bam! epiphany! Then it breeds more questions before you've even had time to loll about in your splendid revelations. Since these thoughts are about the most foundational parts of practicing magic, they deserved room and time to be explored.

I also went out of town for a few days to hang with some of my witch friends. There was much needed talking, creating things, and superb blackberry margaritas. Fruitful time as always, plus I got to do real potions work (not just pretend!) with one of my favorite kids in the whole world. After we talked her out of a "potion to kill all the bad guys so that the princesses don't have to worry any more", she and I sat down with some new Fiery Wall oil I made up and did what we could to make her new glasses less liable to break. Managed to stop her just in time when she decided to try crushing them to see if the magic worked. Kids are something else...

All in all, it feels like a have a more honest understanding of where things stand right now, some unexpected but very welcome answers, and feel more settled and sure of myself. 

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  1. Imo, small magic is even more important than large magic and getting regular simple offerings out regularly counts more than a big huzzah.

    Taking time to let things click is important too!

    And I'm jello about the blackberry margaritas they sound delish!