Friday, April 29, 2011

Sometimes, I make videos

I should probably not make videos before having coffee. The funny thing is that because of how anxious I get about Important Things! in life, when they don't happen super quickly, I freak out about it not having worked. This is a video of the second time I did the spell. Who knows which one worked, but I am taking the last of the paperwork and the check for the balance of deposits to some lovely people who are very likely going to let us rent one of their darling little houses.

I don't really know who to thank or how to thank them. I don't invoke a lot of deity. I pray to God, am getting comfortable with Goddess (grew up fundamentalist Christian), and call down the blood of Jesus on things on a semi-regular basis. I interact a lot with nature. So I went out and gave my main pecan tree some good blackstrap rum, then let him and the shrubs share a bottle of champagne. I'm working up some research on the what and when of offerings. Of course, they're pretty personal, so it'll be general.

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